During your cataract surgery, you can elect to have your surgeon use ORA technology.

ORA stands for Optiwave Refractive Analysis and allows your surgeon to take measurements of your eye to make real time adjustments to the artificial lens he, or she, will use during your surgery to give you the best vision that we can.

This advanced technology allows your surgeon to verify and minimize farsightedness, near sightedness, and/or astigmatism in the operating room. It also gives your surgeon more information to choose the artificial lens that is best for your specific eye and needs with the most accuracy.

While this is not a guarantee of no glasses need after surgery, using ORA technology can help minimize what you need for certain distances after surgery.

At your pre-operative appointment, you will discuss with the surgical staff if ORA is a good option for you and your daily needs and have extra testing done to ensure that you know what to expect after your surgery.

The ORA technology is an out of pocket cost and is not covered by insurance.